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1.130. net-tools

1.130.1. RHBA-2009:1677: bug fix update


This update has already been released (prior to the GA of this release) as FASTRACK errata RHBA-2009:1677
An updated net-tools package that fixes several bugs and corrects errors in the arp and ifconfig man pages is now available.
The net-tools package contains basic networking tools, including ifconfig, netstat, route, and others.
This updated net-tools package includes fixes for the following bugs:
* the OPTIONS section of the arp man page includes documentation for the "-s" switch (used to manually create ARP address mapping entries). Entries supplied with this switch are permanently stored in the ARP cache if the temp flag is not specified and the original English man page notes this. The German man page, however, noted "so werden die erzeugten Eintrage nicht dauerhaft... eingetragen", which is incorrect. This update corrects this, with the German man page now correctly noting "Der Eintrag wird permanent im ARP-Cache gespeichert" if the temp flag is not specified. (BZ#322901)
* the ifconfig "tunnel" option creates a new Simple Internet Transition (SIT) or IPv6-in-IPv4 device and this option expects an IPv6-style address as a parameter. If an IPv4 address is used, the command fails. The ifconfig man page, however, listed the option and parameter as "tunnel" which did not make it clear the IPv4 address must be provided in IPv6 notation. This update clarifies the man page notation. It now reads "tunnel", making it clear IPv6-style address notation is required. (BZ#453918)
* running netstat with the "-o" switch adds information about working TCP timers to the command ouput. TCP timers for a connection can include "on", "off", "keepalive" and "timewait". When network load is very high (ie when the TCP Window Size is zero) the probe timer should be listed. Previously, however, "unkn-4" was presented instead. With this update, if the probe timer is working in the kernel, it will now, correctly, be listed in the output of "netstat -o". (BZ#466845)
* when setting the MULTICAST mode on and off, ifconfig was showing an unnecessary "Warning: Interface [interface name] still in ALLMULTI mode." message. With this update, the message no longer presents. (BZ#477876)
* a fixed length, 1024 byte buffer in the statistics.c:process_fd() function caused "netstat -s" to fail with a "error parsing /proc/net/netstat: Success" error. The buffer has been increased to 2048 bytes and the command now displays summary statistics for each protocol as expected. (BZ#493314)
All net-tools users should install this updated package, which makes these corrections and addresses these issues.

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