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1.140. openib

1.140.1. RHBA-2010:0292: bug fix and enhancement update

Updated openib packages that fix various bugs and add various enhancements are now available.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux includes a collection of Infiniband and iWARP utilities, libraries and development packages for writing applications that use Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) technology.
The following general upgrade has been performed:
* this update brings a number of packages in line with their latest upstream versions. (BZ#518218)
Also, these updated packages fix the following bugs:
* even simple test code could not be compiled using mvapich if mvapich was installed but certain other libraries were not. To correct this, the mvapich rpm now Requires all libraries necessary to build an mpi program. (BZ#479940, BZ#568449)
* when running openmpi jobs, many warnings would present related to udapl. The issue is corrected by removing udapl support from openmpi. (BZ#479941, BZ#526138, BZ#543453)
* openmpi did not support the latest Chelsio devices. This release corrects that. (BZ#515567)
* a bug in IPoIB bonding could cause the kernel to panic during the reboot of a system. The openibd init script has been modified to correct this bug. (BZ#540992)
* in the update to openmpi-1.3.2, upstream changed the default value of SGE support from enabled to disabled, which caused Red Hat's version of the openmpi package to regress. These updated packages restore SGE support in Red Hat's openmpi packages. (BZ#541660)
* the srp_daemon.conf configuration file was not in the "/etc" directory where srp_daemon requires it to be. During installation the srp_daemon.conf file was being placed in the incorrect directory of "/etc/ofed". This issue is fixed by ensuring the srp_daemon.conf file is placed in the "/etc" directory during installation. (BZ#552915)
* a regression was introduced in openmpi-1.3.3-6 that caused allreduce to hang. This regression is now corrected with these updated packages and allreduce functions as expected. (BZ#555159)
* a pseudo requirement has been added to the libibverbs package so that it will automatically pull in the various libibverbs driver packages when using yum to install libibverbs. (BZ#559789)
* Libmlx4 was missing device IDs that were present in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux kernel. The missing device IDs have now been added to libmlx4. These IDs are for MT26438 and MT26488. (BZ#569175)
the following enhancements were also added:
* Openmpi now supports iWARP devices. (BZ#515565)
* the OpenFabrics Alliance (OFED) drivers which support Mellanox MT25408 ConnectX series Infiniband devices were added. (BZ#511190)
All openib users should upgrade to these updated packages which resolves these issues and adds these enhancements.

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