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1.154. pcsc-lite

1.154.1. RHBA-2010:0278: bug fix update

An updated pcsc-lite package that fixes a bug in the source RPM is now available.
pcsc-lite is a daemon which controls access to smart cards and other security tokens on your system.
This update addresses the following issue:
* the .spec file for the pcsc-lite source rpm contained an error in its Release field. The {dist} tag was not appended to the Release value as a conditional. It was "{dist}" where it should have been "{?dist}". The question mark translates to "If %{dist} is defined, insert its value here. If not, do nothing." Without the question mark, the tag means "dist" is defined and insert its value here. Consequently, if the source rpm was re-built in an environment where the dist variable was not set, the resultant .rpm file contained garbage characters in its file name. This release corrects this. The tag is now a conditional and rebuilding pcse-lite from the source rpm produces an rpm file with the expected file name. (BZ#440627)
Only users who use smart cards or security tokens who also rebuild components such as pcsc-lite from source need to update this package.

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