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1.155. perl-Sys-Virt

1.155.1. RHBA-2010:0251: bug fix update

An updated perl-Sys-Virt package that fixes several bugs is now available.
The Sys::Virt module provides a Perl XS binding to the libvirt virtual machine management APIs. This allows machines running within arbitrary virtualization containers to be managed with a consistent API.
This update addresses the following issues:
* a number of calls available in the C API, including virStorageVolLookupByKey, virStorageVolLookupByName, and virStorageVolLookupByPath, did not contain Perl bindings. As a result, these storage functions were unavailable when using Perl-based tools for virtual machine management. This update adds the missing calls to the Perl API, and Perl-based management of virtual machines is now possible. (BZ#519647)
* the 'message' subroutine of returned an error code instead of an error message. As a consequence, error conditions that required a textual error message instead received an alpha-numeric error code. The 'message' subroutine has been amended to return a textual message, and error conditions now produce a more informative error description. (BZ#525091)
* Sys::Virt did not document the 'flags' parameter used by several methods, including the following:
* $vmm->num_of_node_devices * $vmm->list_node_device_names * $vmm->find_storage_pool_sources * $dom->core_dump * $dom->reboot * $dom->block_peek * $dom->memory_peek * $dom->get_autostart * $pool->refresh * $pool->build * $pool->delete
Since the 'flags' parameter is currently unused, the parameter and its default value were not mentioned in the methods' descriptions. This could cause certain operations that referenced the 'flags' parameter to fail with a usage error. The 'flags' parameter is now documented as an optional parameter that defaults to a value of zero if it is omitted. Usage errors no longer occur when using the methods as documented. (BZ#519712)
* the description of the $dom->reboot method made reference to a list of &Sys::Virt::Domain::REBOOT_* constants for use with the 'flags' parameter. However, since the 'flags' parameter is not currently used, the reboot constants were not included in the document. This could cause confusion when implementing the $dom->reboot method. The reference to the reboot constants has been removed from the documentation, and the correct usage of the $dom->reboot method is now clearer. (BZ#543878)
All users using Perl or Perl-based tools to do virtual machine management should install this updated package which fixes these bugs.

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