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1.176. rhn-client-tools

1.176.1. RHBA-2010:0270: bug fix and enhancement update

Updated rhn-client-tools packages that fix several bugs and add enhancements are now available.
Red Hat Network Client Tools provide programs and libraries that allow your system to receive software updates from Red Hat Network (RHN).
This update fixes several bugs and implements new features:
* support for subscribing to a RHN and RHN Satellite channels using a command line tool. (BZ#216808)
* fix for a problem where a package profile uploaded to RHN or RHN Satellite during system registration was incomplete. (BZ #489901,
* require recent version of hal to be able to properly retrieve all dmi related information during system registration. (BZ#494679)
* fix for a problem where dbus and hal services were not running at the end of new system provisioning making it impossible for system registration to RHN or RHN Satellite. Without these services running, registration code was unable to correctly detect a virtualization guest, resulting in the provisioned virtualized system consuming a physical system entitlement. The fix for the problem contains a new method of detecting a virtualizaton guest when dbus and hal services are not running. (BZ#495680)
* do not limit the output from rhnreg_ks utility only to a console. This makes it possible for redirection of the output from rhnreg_ks to a file or a pipe. (BZ#503146)
* fix typo error in up2date manual page. (BZ#510014)
* in network setups where the system is getting a hostname from a DHCP server even though its hostname does not have a valid DNS record, register the system with its hostname. (BZ#511273)
* when registering system to RHN or RHN Satellite using firstboot interface, correctly populate configuration values in /etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date. (BZ#513660)
* remove unnecessary text window displayed during registration of system. (BZ#516207)
* when registering a system using network bonding setup, report real hardware addresses of all network interfaces involved in a network bond. (BZ#517945)
* fix headers of python executable files to comply with Fedora packaging guidelines. (BZ#521281)
* revised logic of the networkRetries configuration option. Setting the option to '0' will have the same effect as setting to '1'. (BZ#526450)
* support for package installation date displayed in RHN Satellite web user interface. This feature also requires server-side support. (BZ#530369)
* fixed traceback occurring during GUI based system registration executed from firstboot environment. (BZ#530659)
* include the new Red Hat Network Certificate Authority file (BZ#566479)
All users of rhn-client-tools are advised to upgrade to these updated packages, which resolve these issues.

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