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1.200. system-config-services

1.200.1. RHBA-2010:0275: bug fix update

An updated system-config-services package that fixes several bugs is now available.
system-config-services is a utility which allows you to configure which services should be enabled on your machine.
This updated system-config-services package includes fixes for the following bugs:
* as included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, system-config-services has several new options that were not properly documented in the Help files available via the Help menu. These undocumented options include a "Runlevel All" option under "Edit RunLevel" and an "On Demand Services" tab. Updated documentation that covers these options has been written and added to the Help menu directory: /usr/share/doc/system-config-services-0.9.4/html/. (BZ#208170, BZ#370461)
* po files used to populate the German-language version of the system-config-services user interface were not properly UTF-8 encoded: they contained incorrect characters that resulted in a nonsense strings presenting when the application was used in German. These characters have been corrected to their corresponding UTF-8 characters, ensuring they display properly in German locales. (BZ#284931)
* After making changes to on-demand xinetd services, clicking "Restart" in the "Background Services" tab resulted in a traceback. This updated version restarts the selected background service as expected and correctly handles xinetd service changes. (BZ#445185)
* if a non-existent service name was added (via the Actions > Add Service dialog box), system-config-services provided no user-level feedback of the error but did write a traceback error to the console. With this update, system-config-services presents an error alert box when a non-existent service is added and no longer produces a traceback error. This update also addresses an equivalent problem that occurred when deleting a disabled service via Actions > Delete Service. This action now works as expected. (BZ#500424)
All system-config-services users should install this updated package which addresses these issues.

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