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2.8. RHEA-2010:0249: tunctl

A new package, tunctl, is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.
tunctl is a tool to set up and maintain persistent Network Tunnel and Network Tap (TUN/TAP) interfaces, enabling user applications access to the wire side of a virtual nework interface. Such interfaces are useful for connecting VPN software, virtualization, emulation and a number of other similar applications to the network stack.
* using tunctl a system administrator can create, configure and manage persistent TUN/TAP interfaces for use by a designated user or group. This particular user or group can then open and use the network-facing interface but can not alter any aspect of the host side of the interface. (BZ#501574)
Administrators wanting to enable persistent TUN/TAP interfaces and manage access to these interfaces by uid, gid or both should install this new package.

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