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1.208. valgrind

1.208.1. RHBA-2010:0272: bug fix and enhancement update

A Valgrind update that re-bases to upstream version 3.5.0, adds support for new Intel64/AMD64 instructions, and fixes several bugs is now available.
Valgrind is a tool to help you find memory-management problems in your programs. When a program is run under Valgrind's supervision, all reads and writes of memory are checked, and calls to malloc/new/free/delete are intercepted. As a result, Valgrind can detect a lot of problems that are otherwise very hard to find/diagnose.
This update re-bases Valgrind to upstream version 3.5.0 (BZ#522330), and applies several enhancements and fixes including the following:
* Valgrind now supports cmpxchg instructions. This allows Valgrind to profile code that uses the Intel cmpxchg instruction. (BZ#476271)
* The rebase also adds emulation for the 0x67 address-size-override prefix and support for multiple 0x66 operand size prefixes. This prevents unexpected "unhandled instruction bytes" errors when using Valgrind to profile programs that use these prefixes. (BZ#515768 and BZ#530165)
All Valgrind users should apply this update.

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