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1.211. virt-manager

1.211.1. RHBA-2010:0281: bug fix update

An updated virt-manager package that fixes several bugs and adds an enhancement is now available.
Virtual Machine Manager (virt-manager) is a graphical tool for administering virtual machines for KVM, Xen, and QEMU. virt-manager can start, stop, add or remove virtualized devices, connect to a graphical or serial console, and see resource usage statistics for existing virtualized guests on local or remote machines. virt-manager uses the libvirt API.
This updated package addresses the following issues:
* adding new isolated virtual networks could create broken or abnormal network configurations. The updated package provides better error handling for network creation. (BZ#508273)
* various errors occurred after adding 19 volumes to the storage pool. (BZ#508357)
* various virt-manager menus and menu items did not have keyboard shortcuts. (BZ#509746)
* paused virtualized guests could be sent keys using the 'Send Key' options which could make paused virtualized guests shut down or restart. The 'Send Key' menu is now disabled if a virtualized guest is paused. (BZ#509808)
* setting the "Autoconnect" option resulted in an error and virtualized guests consoles were not automatically opened. (BZ#509985)
* migration from a remote host to a local host (both hosts connected to virt-manager) failed. The updated package resolves this issue and migrations to and from a local host work. (BZ#510702)
* migrations were, in some cases, very slow with virt-manager for systems with multiple network interface cards of different speeds. The updated virt-manager has an advanced option which allows users to specify which IP address and port to use for a live migration. Specifying the fastest network interface will speed up migrations. (BZ#518487)
* virt-manager did not save changes CPU or memory settings to the configuration files unless another feature was modified. In the updated package, changed memory and CPU settings are stored persistently. (BZ#522096)
* specifying an address and port for a remote server using an unecrypted TCP connection caused VNC connections to fail. VNC connections work in the updated package when accessing remote hosts with the TCP connection type. (BZ#534005)
* virt-manager did not persistently store new devices or changes to device configuration settings to the configuration files. virt-manager now makes devices persistent in configuration files when new devices are added. (BZ#539496)
* a traceback error occurred in virt-manager caused by the retry_login function. The updated package handles this error. (BZ#436320)
The updated package adds the following enhancements:
* support for creating routed virtual networks with virt-manager. (BZ#452644)
All Virtual Machine Manager users should install this updated package which fixes bugs and adds an enhancement.

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