adding support in configure

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adding support in configure

Post by thuytien » 2019/01/16 10:04:13

I just configured VampirTRace and this is the output thta I got

Code: Select all


Options file: no

Build (B): x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
Host (H): x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
Cross compiling: no

C Compiler: gcc
C++ compiler: g++
Fortran compiler: gfortran
C preprocessor: gcc -E
C++ preprocessor: g++ -E

CFLAGS: -g -O2

Source code location: /home/james/Desktop/VampirTrace-5.14.3
Install path: /usr/local

Build OTF library and tools: yes
Build ZLIB trace compression support: yes
Build IOFSL I/O forwarding support: no
Build MPI support: no
Build Multithreading support: yes (POSIX threads, OpenMP)
Build Hybrid (MPI/Threads) support: no
Build Java support: no
Build Hardware Perf. Counter support: no
Build Plugin Counter support: yes
Build Resource usage trace support: yes
Build GLIBC's CPU ID trace support: yes
Build Library trace support: yes (LIBC-EXEC, LIBC-I/O, LIBC-MALLOC)
Build Library wrapper generator: no
Build CUPTI support: no

Build compiler instrumentation support: gnu*
*The instrumentation type 'gnu' also works for Intel, PathScale,
and Open64 compilers.

Build binary instrumentation support
by using Dyninst: yes
Build Dyninst attach library: yes

Build automatic source code
instrumentation support by using TAU: yes

Build vtsetup - a GUI to prepare
measurement runs with VampirTrace yes

Build vtrun - an application execution
wrapper script yes

See config.h for further configuration information.
I would like mpi support, java support and library wrapper supprt.

How do I put them in?

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Re: adding support in configure

Post by TrevorH » 2019/01/16 11:54:14

Install the relevant -devel packages.
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