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Disable Lock Screen

Post by nmrdukeman » 2018/04/05 15:12:43

We have a Centos 5.10 linux box. I have tried to find out how to disable lock screen for every user even if an user tries to turn on the lock screen icon on his/her desktop window. Is there a command that I can use to achieve this?

Thanks for your help in advance.

Best, 8-)

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Re: Disable Lock Screen

Post by TrevorH » 2018/04/05 15:33:57

CentOS 5 went End Of Life more than 1 year ago and you should be planning how to get off it and onto a newer version ASAP. It receives no security - or any other - updates and is steadily getting more and more dangerous to have around. In addition, you're not even running the last versions of anything as there was a 5.11 that was the last point release.
CentOS 5 died in March 2017 - migrate NOW!
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