Can't boot...stuck at "Starting Switch root"

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Can't boot...stuck at "Starting Switch root"

Post by seusicha » 2019/06/18 18:48:03

Hello Everyone.

So...I can't boot my CentOS7 Server. The boot gets stuck at "Startwing Switch Root".

At first it was probably an disk space error...I don't know what kind of operation the user was doing but I found this entry on the log:

Jun 18 12:01:37 - Failed opening .rdb for saving: No space left on device #015
Jun 18 12:01:37 - rsyslogd:imjournal: fopen() failed for path> '/var/lib/rsyslog::/imjournal.state.tmp': No space left on devices:

I've searched this forum and found this topic: viewtopic.php?f=47&t=62426, and followed some tips, but still can't make things work.

I've removed rhgb quiet and booted from a live disk. I found that basically /usr/bin, /usr/lib, /usr/sbin and /usr/lib64 are missing. I can see the symbolic links (on / ) but not the directories (on /usr/).

Also...I can't run chroot /mnt/sysimage/ because system can't find /bin/bash.

Anyone has any ideas? I'm kind of lost and really need to make this server works again.



(Huge Thanks for everyone in this forum...This is my first post but I've read and used a lot of information found here. You guys are awesome)

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Re: Can't boot...stuck at "Starting Switch root"

Post by seusicha » 2019/06/19 13:41:02

Ok...some small updates.

I found a backup from 6 months ago and was able to copy the missing folders (bin, sbin, lib and lib64) to the current server.

Now the server can boot (yay!) but a lot of things are not working properly since the backup folders I copied were kinda old.

When I do "sudo su" for example, I get a message saying "sudo /bin/sudo must be owned by uid0 and have the setuid bit set

When I try to ping another machine, I get a message "ping: socket: Operation not permitted.

When I try "su root", I get: "su: authentication failure".

I can conclude that things are not working great at the moment. Maybe copying the folders from such a old backup was not the greatest idea....

I'm working out out of ideas....any help :mrgreen: ?


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Re: Can't boot...stuck at "Starting Switch root"

Post by TrevorH » 2019/06/19 15:34:42

I think you are about due to reinstall...
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