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VERSION_ID in /etc/os-release only has major minor. Why?

Posted: 2019/06/15 23:34:34
by hacsys99
First, I hope this is the right forum to post this topic, so feel free to point me somewhere else.

I'm hoping someone might be able to explain the reason for not including the minor release in the VERSION_ID in /etc/os-release for CentOS 7 ? The reason behind my question is that AFAIK 'subscription-manager facts --list' uses the VERSION_ID from /etc/os-release for populating the distribution.version fact. This doesn't translate well into Katello. I know, this isn't a Katello forum, but my question still stands. Just wondering why the divergence from RHEL 7's /etc/os-release? I assume it has something to do with the deeper numbering scheme for CentOS (eg. 7.6.1810) !?!