clang 7 on centos vs Arch Linux

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clang 7 on centos vs Arch Linux

Post by zerophase » 2019/06/16 22:58:17

So, I've been updating Unreal Engine to maintain compatibility with Arch's version of clang, and noticed the engine compiles fine with the variation of clang 7.0.1 provided with CentOS. (I believe Epig Games pulled clang 7 in from Redhat) However, the engine required a few bug fixes to compile with Arch Linux's Clang 7. Considering Arch makes a point of keeping their packages as close to upstream as possible; does Redhat and / or CentOS patch upstream to allow non-updated software to continue to compile?

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Re: clang 7 on centos vs Arch Linux

Post by chemal » 2019/06/17 15:16:02

If you are refering to clang in llvm-toolset-7.0:

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Patch1:		0001-gtest-reorg.patch
Patch2:		0001-Properly-detect-libatomic.patch
Patch4:		0001-Driver-Add-gcc-search-path-for-RHEL-devtoolset-8.patch
That's all and none of these will make old sources compile.

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Re: clang 7 on centos vs Arch Linux

Post by SOtenC » 2019/06/18 07:44:05

CentOS software collections (SCL) is your best bet. ... tories/SCL

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