#centos-meeting: Virt SIG

Meeting started by gwd at 15:00:39 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. oVirt updates (sbonazzo, 15:04:07)
    1. Advanced Virtualization from RHEL 8.1.1 is being built into CentOS CBS, first packages are landing in (sbonazzo, 15:04:43)
    2. https://cbs.centos.org/repos/virt8-advanced-virtualization-candidate/ (sbonazzo, 15:04:46)
    3. a few packages are still missing there, they'll move to testing as soon as danilo will finish to rebuild them (sbonazzo, 15:05:23)
    4. oVirt 4.4.0 upstream is reaching beta milestone soon, it will consume danilocesar's advanved virtualization packages (sbonazzo, 15:06:07)
    5. packages are almost done. Still missing three (libguestgs, libguestfs-winsupport and ndbkit) (sbonazzo, 15:07:11)
    6. we are still missing the pipeline to get the packages published to buildlogs and mirrors, waiting on CentOS Core / infra for updates on that (sbonazzo, 15:07:51)
    7. Hello Virt SIG, I work in the Virtualization group at Red Hat and recently became a Product Owner who will be working closely with oVirt an the Virt group on Advanced Virtualization (ymankad, 15:10:36)
    8. I work on the same group as Danilo, and we will be working on getting the latest virt packages in CentOS 8 :) (ymankad, 15:11:16)
    9. working with the OpsTools SIG on getting newest collectd 5.11 also into oVirt nodes once upstream will release it (sbonazzo, 15:13:18)
    10. finally, oVirt 4.3.9 is going to be released upstream this month, Virt SIG will follow. (sbonazzo, 15:14:15)

  2. Xen update (gwd, 15:15:35)
    1. Updated kernel to 4.9.215 (gwd, 15:16:17)
    2. Stalled somewhat due to our community manager suddenly passing away; should have updates to 4.12 soon. (gwd, 15:16:50)
    3. Occasionally making noises about combining efforts with Xen Made Easy (gwd, 15:17:37)
    4. Xen Made Easy maintainer did some work getting 4.13 building for CentOS 8, "breaking ground" for when the Virt SIG can do it (gwd, 15:20:21)

  3. AOB (gwd, 15:37:25)

Meeting ended at 15:45:13 UTC (full logs).

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  1. gwd (39)
  2. sbonazzo (32)
  3. CRCinAU (31)
  4. ymankad (8)
  5. centbot (6)
  6. danilocesar (3)
  7. anthonyper (3)
  8. rbowen (1)

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